Goat and Sheep Tour

ZADAC/KAZB Integrated Concept Note

The concept is working to help to integrate pupils through farming activities and other related skills such as goat production, Driving and farming equipment operation. We intend to incorporate the practical production, and make the school into an integrated training center for pupils so they can exit with hands-on experience. TRAINING Two years of reflecting, planning and interacting with Zadac farm, we began to train our pupils in goat entrepreneurship as business. Around that time, the school bought Five ewes and one buck goats: In the last 2 years, 32 boys and girls have been trained as ambassadors of development in the goat sector and model in minds change to other pupils within the school who never had interest. The number of goats has increased to 39 within two years and the pupils desire to exit with a full skills, knowledge and start-up or seed goats has overwhelmed the school administration