Zadac Agrotourism Package

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Zadac travel and tours  aim of promoting agrotourism  is to expose today’s knowledge of agrotourism’s ecological complexity, which gives principles for agritourism’s behavior and activities, with the aim of long‐term sustainable rural development. We have observed with great admiration developed countries of the world have been paying particular attention to the development of rural space, with agritourism being strongly promoted as an indispensable factor that has a positive effect in economic, environmental, demographic and sociological terms.


Most Zambian rural area including Kasiya resettlement in Livingstone has high rates of biodiversity and landscape diversity which is  ideal for the development of agritourism. Kasiya has  also a desirable area with a a good number of water bodies, plants and domesticated animals, as well as depopulated areas suitable for the development of integrated and organic agriculture as a paradigm for the development of agritourism. There is also the phrase “Agroecology as a paradigm for the development of agritourism”, since agritourism is environmentally conscious, socially responsible / sensitive, culturally original, ethically valuable, market competitive and economically profitable.

Local and international tourist will also be exposed to the best practices of benefiting from mother nature without destroying her, which can be used to project and grow agritourism in their own communities.

Outcomes  of this tour

Explain and give information to visitors on the agroecological data, natural heritage including specific native plant and animal life, basic agro‐systems and habitats.

Develop an awareness of the sustainability of natural agro‐heritage as a prerequisite for its holisticn agro‐tourism value, study and extraordinary experience. Demonstrate the skill of identifying basic agro‐ecological and agro‐tourism issues in the field that affect the sustainability of natural agro‐sights.

We shall critically evaluate and help visitors make their own judgments in accordance with the highest environmental standards regarding an integrative approach to local based agrotourism. Establishing and expanding knowledge about the relationship between agroecology and agritourism,

as well as its implementation in future packages, ie the ability of future clients to successfully interpret contemporary ecological trends / achievements, as well as biological, cultural and ecological wealth.

Acquiring the ability, knowledge and skills to meet the needs of modern selective / sustainable agritourism, and to protect and preserve cultural, material and biological treasures.

How do I book this Tour Package?

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Can I book as a Solo Traveler

No. It is minimum of 2 people

What do I carry during the Tour?

Comfortable working shoes and clothes. Sun glasses and hat during hot seasons

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Zadac Agrotourism Package